MB Carpenteria


Since 2012 we have been constantly trying to adapt our skills to your needs. And so we grow together.
Our customers are small and medium-sized industrial companies that are looking for a reliable, competent and flexible partner for their highly specialized productions.

We are flexible , because we believe in the evolution of new technologies and invest in the future.
Because we know how to be versatile and because we respond quickly and effectively to any request from our customers.
Because we have a lean company structure, but a highly qualified staff, also thanks to the support of outsourced maintenance teams for machinery and lines.

And all this gives us the strength to always guarantee maximum precision and reliability in all types of processing (even on dimensions other than traditional standards and on small production quantities).

All this ensures our customers extremely professional, complete and personalized advice.

The size of an artisan company allows us to better respond to the needs of our customers, both as regards small quantities (we have no limits on numbers), and as regards the creation of non-standard products.

With us, your every desire and project becomes reality, allowing you to obtain absolutely exclusive supplies!

The skills that make us strong:

  • Laser cutting of iron sheet (maximum thickness 12 mm) and stainless steel (maximum thickness 8 mm)
  • Welding and processing of stainless steel with different finishing possibilities (glass or satin micro-palined)
  • Maximum precision calendering and bending
  • Turning and milling even for small quantities
  • Realization of production lines for the food sector with maximum control of the tension of the materials
  • Realization of railings and metal doors, with the possibility of personalized decorations
  • Light and heavy carpentry for storage warehouses



MB Carpenteria srl ​​was born in 2012 with the aim of providing solutions for all those small and medium-sized industrial companies that need a reliable, competent and flexible partner in terms of time and quantity for their highly specialized production.


The lean company structure of MB Carpenteria and the qualified staff employed make it possible to always guarantee maximum precision in every type of processing and to satisfy every need, even for dimensions other than traditional standards and for small production quantities.


MB Carpenteria is able to offer its customers complete and personalized professional advice, guiding them in choosing the most suitable production solutions for their business or supporting them in their activity with maintenance teams in outsourcing for machinery and lines.


The strength of MB Carpenteria lies in its versatility and in its ability to react quickly and effectively to any request in a process of collaboration with the customer for an always professional and high quality result.

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